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Hi there! I'm Dana, a passionate UX designer from Tel Aviv. Currently pursuing a B.A. in Psychology with a specialization in UX, I strive to bring a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and a profound understanding of people's needs to the forefront of my designs.

Growing up, puzzles never captivated me. They felt restrictive, limiting my imagination. Instead, I found joy in activities that allowed me to express my creativity, like drawing, problem-solving games, and strategic planning. Today, not much has changed.


For me, design is more than just aesthetics; it's a powerful tool that has the potential to shape and transform society.

By infusing creativity and empathy into every project, I aim to create experiences that leave a lasting impact on both individuals and communities.

When I'm not fully engrossed in my work, I find solace in various creative outlets. Oil painting allows me to unleash my artistic side, while baking lets me channel my creativity into delightful treats. And, of course, I absolutely love putting together awesome playlists on Spotify for some added inspiration and enjoyment in my life.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey that merges creativity, empathy, and impactful design, I invite you to explore my world. Feel free to indulge in one of my playlists, and let's make something truly remarkable together.

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