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An app that allows people to find events by their interests, keep track of them and find event partners.

Why this project?

Eventorize is an app that I designed after hearing my friends and associates struggles about missing events that interest them, and not being able to find people who share the same interests with them.


The main problem

Most humans have variable of responsibilities and distractions through the day, making it hard to focus on the things that really matter to them, such as career or hobbies. Meetups, workshops and shows are traditional ways to to gain experience and joy, while working on your goals. Unfortunately, many humans show interest in different events, but forget about them while absorbing enormous amount of information through the day. This leads people to feel frustration over missing opportunities and failing to commit to their goals.

The secondary problem

Often, people can't bring themselves to work on their goals and hobbies without a supportive ground. They need a friend, colleague or even a stranger to help them step out of their comfort zone. Not having someone like this can lead to procrastination, helplessness and avoidance.

The solution

Eventorize collects information about its users and helps them discover the events they might want to participate in. It allows the users keep track of events and reminds them to attend them.  Users can browse through events that are shown under their interest categories, purchase tickets to events and get notified about them so they don't miss it. Moreover, Eventorize allows to match with a partner who has interest in the same event so they attend it together.

User research

I conducted low sample size, in-depth user interviews with people between the ages of 20-45 who actively look for events to participate in for professional/joy purpose and have the digital literacy to understand their pain points, expectations and goals related to the product.

37.5% of interviewees main need was to be reminded of events,

31% of interviewees main need was to have company going to events.

18% reported the need to be able to organize events through the app, whereas only 12.5% reported their main need from the app is to be able to find interest and location based events.

Q: "What stops you from attending the events  you show interest in?"

"I feel too shy to go there by myself, I put things away unless I am pressured to confront them."

"I think I remember my events for exactly an hour after I've showed interest in them. Then I forget.
I just haven't found a way to commit to the events, and my memory isn't helping."

"Honestly, I usually find an event I like but forget to buy tickets until it's too late. Unless I'm being notified about it often there's no chance I'll remember it."

Q: "What are your expectations from the app?"

"I want to it to remind me of events often enough until I attend them"

"I want to be able to find someone who shares the same interest as I do and attend workshops together."

"I want to be able to track my events in the app, and to have it notify me about my events."


I have decided to create 2 personas that embody the majority of the responses I got from the users I interviewed, and are most likely to be very similar to the target audience.

Rodrigo Rubin

Teacher, aspiring tattoo artist

Tel aviv

26 years old


  • Organize all events in the same app, get notified about them.

  • Find people with similar skills that will be willing to attend events.

  • Find events that fit his "unique" interest.


  • Not having any people to attend professional events with, not having any platforms to do that.

  • Not being able to navigate apps due to technofear.

  • Bad memory and low organization skills.

Yael Rodberg

Project manager, vinyasa yoga enthuasist


36 years old


  • Find people who share her interest and are consistent.

  • Get notified at least 5 days prior to the event itself. 


  • Doesn't know people in the new city - needs event partners.

  • Busy schedule at work, mom to a toddle - needs reminders.

  • Unique hobby, usually can't reach relevant events.

Defining MVP

Based on the information gathered from the research, I identified which features must appear in the Eventorize app.

  • Collect data: Learning the users interests and location to offer relevant events.

  • Adjustable notifications: Notifications settings with ability to regulate the frequency of the notifications.

  • Event partnership: Matching feature that allows users to find event partners before the event, in safely manner.

  • Event organization: Users can view and organize their events in the personal page, in the future and past events. Users can sync events with their phone calendar.

Market research

Trying to build the vision for Eventorize, I have decided to analyze the key features that similar existing apps have. I tested the mobile apps to see what features are already available at the market, and what's still missing. I haven't found an app that answers all of the user pain points and provides not only a practical use but also an emotional value to the users, so I focused on my interviewees needs.

- Doesn't offer events based on users        interests

- Doesn't offer event partnership

- Doesn't offer events based on users        interests

- Navigation isn't intuitive 

- Doesn't offer event partnership

- Doesn't allow to copy events to               calendar

Design thinking

User flow

Information architecture

Untitled (1).png

High-fidelity screens

Phone number verification

Phone verification instead of signing up using email allows all users log in easily. Might result in possible increase in sign up rate.

Sign up - User interests

Asking for the users interests during the sign up process allows the app to collect data about its users and specify the content they will get.

Identity verification

Due to the very sensitive matching feature in the app, identification is must. Uploading document can be done straight from the phone's gallery. 

Home Page

The homepage is the showcase for the event offered in the app.

The events offered in this page are divided into 2 types - events directed for the user based on location and interests, or events based on time and different categories.  

Pint & Paint event

Paint & Pint is one of the events offered in the app, the event page specifies details such as date, day of the week, location and allows the user to choose whether they have a discount code for the event or need to buy a regular one.

Event payment

Payment for event tickets can be done right in the app, making the app multifunctional and easy for the user. 


Pint & Paint confirmation

The confirmation page after making an order gives the user an immediate feedback that their order was successful. This page specifies the order number, the event details, and the instructions for the event such as where the tickets will be sent to and how to act upon the upcoming event.


My page 

The my page allows the registered user to access their future events, past events, settings, customer care and allows to sync the app with facebook and their phone calendar. 

Search page (1).png

Search page

The search page allows users to search any event they are interested in, using the filter tools in the page. Moreover, in the default search page the events that are being offered to the user are based on his preferences and placed higher in the event options, that way there is a higher chance they will indulge in them.

Matching page

The matching feature answers a pain point that most interviewees brought up. Matching feature can motivate users to attend their events and bring them a step closer to their goals. Moreover, since the feature haven't been used in any other event apps - Eventorize brings a new concept that will allow users to be more active using the app.

Thank you for watching !


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